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Merge 4, by Tom Bovo


I left 440 Gallery after March 2016 in order to focus more on doing actual work and to explore artistically. My last exhibit at 440 Gallery in March was a group show with Karen Gibbons and Gail Flanery, Merge, where I experimented with combining some of my street photography into a photo composite. I was thinking of them as studies for a large scale installation. In June of 2016, I was able to show one of these composites as a full scale piece at Lazy Susan Gallery. The installed image was 120 inches by 69 inches.

Harbor Fog, by Tom Bovo

In the Media

Brooklyn Magazine ran a feature Photos article about my solo exhibit The Other Side of Summer:
Talking with Photographer Tom Bovo About “The Other Side of Summer”

Read about 440 Gallery and myself in the Columbia Spectator. An article about my work in ArtInBrooklyn.com, November 2008, and the Village Voice, Voice Choice Award article about God doesn't like ugly, September-October, 2009, and the Village Voice, Voice Choice Award article about Naked Measures, September-October, 2010.

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